Hi!!! I'm Lauren.

I've realized one of the hardest things for me to do is to talk about myself!!

I opened my business in 2010 photographing mainly weddings. Over the years my interests changed and I began focusing on children and newborns. I had contemplated photographing boudoir for several years but was nervous to make the leap. I was scared of what "others" would think - the type of images that I wished to produced weren't (and aren't) your run-of-the-mill, vanilla images. It's so odd and liberating the changes you makes once you hit your 40's. You stop caring what other's think and start coming into your own. That is when After Dark Boudoir was born!!

My goal as a photographer is to stand out from the crowd not just with my style but with my personality and customer service. Others often describe me as creative, caring and passionate but I would describe myself as humble, quiet and a little weird! I consider myself to be very in-tune with my clients and their emotions while working with them. I believe that is what makes my art different; I am able to capture the emotion that I feel in them.

I hope to provide each of my clients an experience like no other. One where they are able to look inside themselves and allow their passion, confidence and sex appeal to shine through.

Lauren, boudoir, headshot, photographer

"Life is always a little more fun when you're a little more naughty."

- Unknown

Love Notes
boudoir, female, woman, sexy, lingerie

This was way out of comfort zone but lauren made me feel comfortable and her assistants made me feel beautiful for the day. I couldn’t have asked for better first experience doing a boudoir.


boudoir, female, woman, sexy, lingerie, legs

"You know the TWO words I’ve received (when sharing the photos) was “tasteful and classy”"

"You made me incredibly comfortable and I truly felt like I could be me...and a little sexy too!!"


boudoir, female, woman, sexy, lingerie, couple

"We loved it!"
"Jere said you knew and told us the most perfect poses!"

Kate & Jere