Come see our newly-remodeled studio!

Creating a space for my clients to feel comfortable, sexy & beautiful was very important to me. My studio was built about 7 years ago, painted Tiffany blue and white - perfect for all of the families & newborns I was planning to photograph. I later realized that, never once, did I photograph the bare walls for a session; I've always used a backdrop!!! So, I decided to make this space in order to photograph boudoir anytime I wanted and man, was this a labor of love!!! I collected the perfect pieces here and there for several months. I dedicated countless hours to planning, searching for and acquiring exactly what I was looking for. I knew in my head what I wanted this space to look like and how I wanted it to feel and it feels great to have something I have envisioned for so long come to life!

I hope my clients enjoy this space as much as I do!